1100 Molson Volunteers Take to Toronto Streets for Toque Tuesday



Molson employees from across the country will be taking to the streets of Toronto on Toque Tuesday February 5th. Toque Tuesday, a national effort by Raising the Roof, will be supported by the volunteer efforts of Molson employees attending their national conference in Toronto this week.

Molson heritage, history and culture has always involved a commitment to community. Kevin Boyce, President and CEO of Molson in Canada put forth the challenge to have a community activity as part of the national conference. With Feb 5th already designated as Toque Tuesday for Raising the Roof, it was a natural fit for Molson to offer up 1100 toque salespeople to hit the streets of downtown Toronto, to help raise money and combat homelessness.

1100 salespeople will sell thousands of toques in one hour on Toque Tuesday, the largest volunteer effort in Molson’s history.

Molson teamed up with Volunteer Toronto and Volunteer Canada and Raising the Roof to pull this massive deployment of volunteers together to demonstrate what one hour can do in making a difference in our community.

The Molson Community Blog will be covering the events in the early hours of February 5th and we will post the clips of the event throughout the day.

In the meantime…watch locally for opportunities to buy your toque for just $10 on Toque Tuesday and find out where you can at the Raising the Roof website.  We salute Raising the Roof and their national sponsors, GLOBAL, RBC Foundation, Direct Energy, Ecentricartsinc, Grey Worldwide, The Bargains Group, Canadian Traffic Network and Home Depot; for their ongoing efforts to combat homelessness.

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