Out in the Community…Welcome Tonia



You will notice that Tonia will be blogging for Molson in the coming days. She joins us from Humber College and is an intern for the next four months. Tonia will be covering a number of our community activities and is off to “Meal Exchange“ tonight at Black Betty’s to cover this new Molson partner in the community.  Welcome Tonia and stay tuned.

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  1. Welcome Tonia. Looking forward to working with you and getting your updates on Molson’s community work.

    David Jones
  2. Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome. I am so excited to be part of the Molson team. Keep checking in for details, pictures and videos of Molson’s community activities!

    Tonia Hammer
  3. We are very excited to have Tonia working with us!

  4. Tonia….Welcome to Molson. We are very excited to have you here.


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