Greater Vancouver Food Bank


After announcing a $32 million dollar investment in our Vancouver Kitsilano Brewery on November 29th…several management and staff had the opportunity to put in a few hours at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank sorting food. Wade Bayne, Molson Director of Sales for British Columbia had made a $25,000 donation to the food bank earlier in the day. That donation actually stretches to $75,000 when the food bank puts that money into action in acquiring food products. If you haven’t volunteered at a food bank…it is well worth the experience. It was very gratifying to know that a few hours by our team went towards helping feed needy families in the Greater Vancouver area…Molson and our employees…proud to play our part.

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  1. The group that came to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society did an amazing job. It is great to see CSR in action. Thank you Molsen’s for your help and the donation.

    Director of Communications
    Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

    Arlene Kravitz

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