National Mentoring Program revealed


I had the pleasure of attending the Queen’s University Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate program weekend retreat (as an observer and judge of debates).I was totally impressed with the caliber of debate, conversation and engagement by the students attending witnessed through their interactive modules and participation.

It was an honour for me to reveal a new program that Molson is piloting with Queen’s related to mentoring and providing counsel and support to charities – The National Mentoring Program. Molson managers at Molson will act as mentors to students that enrol in this unique program. Students and their mentors will be tasked with an issue faced by a charity or non profit organization.

Molson mentors and the student will work on the issue, assess opportunities, determine actions to take and then the student will have a summer job at that non profit organization paid for by Molson.

With this model we move from the traditional “funding” model to “three dimensional philanthropy”. Pardon ?? By three dimensional philanthropy we shift from the old style “grip and grin” cheque presentation to three dimensions of giving, engagement and learning.

I look forward to the results of this fascinating pilot.

Thanks to the Queen’s CSR certificate students and their faculty and for the rousing Oil Thigh to demonstrate their Queen’s spirit.

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